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Sticks and Stones

I’ve never been one to let the words of others stand in my way of anything. However, I have been silly enough to let the words of others hurt. What can I say!? I’m not bulletproof! I am getting better at not letting the words of others get to me. If someone has something to say, and it’s negative and you let it get to you, then you allow them to hold power over you! Why let them defeat you!?

Not so long ago I was teaching a class at an old club. I ran into a few members that I hadn’t seen in a while. Great big hugs and hello’s were exchanged. And within a few seconds things became awkward. A member who hadn’t seen me in a while pointed out that I had “filled out in all the wrong places”. What do you say to that!? Since I handle most awkward moments with laughter, I chuckled at his comment. I told him that it was nice to have my boobs back, and politely excused myself. Not the best way to handle it, but it got everyone laughing. And the awkwardness was gone. His words did hurt, but then I turned them into motivation. When I want to cut my cardio sessions short, I picture him. I’m not going to live the rest of my life by his cruel words, but for now I will use them to push through.

Funny thing….even at my thinnest and fittest you wouldn’t believe what some people would say…to my face. I once had a lady come up to me and say….”it’s nice to see a girl like you teaching”. LOL I kid you not! I could never make something like that up. I was quite proud of myself, I didn’t put her into a head lock. I froze for a moment, and smiled like a fool. What did that have to do with anything!? I may have not been a size 4 at the time, but I could out spin the fittest of the fit. She didn’t stop me from doing what I loved. She only gave me motivation.

Sometimes people say things, without realizing that they are offending someone. And then there are some people, that do it on purpose. Regardless, we must pick our battles.

So what am I trying to get at!?! When you are trying to get somewhere or accomplish something, and someone tries to knock you down…. Remember that you need to hold your head up high, focus, move forward, don’t second guess, and never look back.

Oh boy, I might have poured on too much cheese tonight. ha ha…on that note…I must get to bed. I start training with my new trainer tomorrow. YES…a trainer training a trainer! Sometimes I need a good kick in the pants, mind you I’m sure there are others that would do it for free. 🙂



The New Year often brings resolutions to get into better shape.

I work in the fitness industry on a part time basis.  And right now we’re heading into the busiest time of the year.  Why!? People making New Year’s Resolutions to get into better shape or to lose weight. It’s great that they have made a commitment to doing so.  It might look like I made this commitment because I just started my blog in the new year.  However, I’ve been working on getting in better shape for a little while.  I’m writing my blog to keep me motivated, and to get the word out there.  While the goal of my blog is to keep my butt in gear, I’m looking to perhaps motivate other people.

So let’s get on with today’s blog…

Despite our best intentions, statistics show that of all people starting a fitness program, one in four quit after only one week and another 25 per cent quit within six months. *gasp*

Of those who join a health club, 80 per cent or more fail to go consistently within two months.

From working in a gym on and off for the last 9 years, here are some of the common excuses I hear for not sticking to a workout routine.

1)     I am too tired and stressed out to exercise! Did you know that stress and fatigue go hand in hand with inactivity?

2)     I’m too old to start working out- You are never too old to start working out, and you’re never too young either!

3)     I don’t need to lose weight, so why exercise.  It’s not about losing weight.  It’s about becoming healthy and staying healthy. By the way…you can be a skinny fat person.  I rather be a little bigger and fit. Weight is not a true indictator of health, and shouldn’t influence your decision to get moving. Being fit is a lifestyle choice, and it should be done for the purpose of improving your life.

4)     I don’t have enough time.  This is the most common excuse given.  I want you to stop and think about something.  You make time for other things, like watching your favourite TV program, or going out with friends.  You’re telling me that you can’t make time to fit in even 30 minutes of exercise!?!?  Get out and go for a walk on your lunch break. Simple strength exercises like pull-ups, pushups, lunges, squats or crunches can be done in minutes. And if all else fails, set your alarm clock so that you can get up a bit earlier to exercise.

5)     I’ve been coming to the gym for 3 weeks and I’m not seeing results….Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean things aren’t happening with your body.  Changes are on the way.  But you have to be patient.

This is not rocket science!!!  Get out and get moving, and stop with the excuses.


Fit to Fat and Back Again

It’s super hard to admit that I lost a lot of weight and put it all back on and then some! I can’t blame anyone but myself.  I could come up with a series of excuses, but I”m not going too.  It’s time to be held accountable for my actions. So here we go, it’s time to put it all on the line.  I figure, if I make my journey public I’m going to stick to my goals.  NO PRESSURE!  LOL

About me!?  I’m a 31-year-old female, I work in radio, I constantly have a number of projects on the go, I would do anything for my family and friends, I let nothing stand in my way, and I have a laugh that it unforgettable…Oh, did I also mention that I am a certified personal trainer and spin instructor!?!  I wasn’t going too, because very few people would believe it. And I’m sort of embarrassed to admit it.  Let’s get something straight, I’m not embarrassed to have those certifications.  Just embarrassed that I let myself get unhealthy.

So what am I going to do?! I’m going to work my butt off….literally!  lol  I’m already down over 30 inches.

Will it be easy!?!  NO WAY!  Will it require hard work?  Of course!!  Will I let it happen again, NEVER!

Here’s the plan…I’m working with a great nutritionist, a personal trainer and I”m going to work out on my own.  There will be bumps along the way, but I am ready!!  

Don’t Sing It….Bring It!!!