To diet or to cut back!?

Have you ever tried to go on a “diet”? The word diet, is such an ugly word, and it can be a scary word for some people. et’s try this phrase, do you watch what you eat?

At one point or another I’m sure we have all carefully calculated fats, proteins and carbs. And we’ve tried different diets, in hopes of results.

According to a new study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is debunking most diet fads with a very simple conclusion: Calories count, but not where they come from. So what are they getting at!? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re restricting carbs, or cutting out sugar….as long as you’re cutting back on something. (Courtesy of

When they did the study, they looked at four diets: low-fat and higher-carbs; high-protein, low-fat, and higher-carbs; average-protein, high-fat and lower-carbs; or high-protein, high-fat and lower-carbs. Each diet had 750 fewer calories than the study’s subjects’ energy needs. So what did they find out? Researchers found that participants who stuck to their new eating plan lost weight. And following the calorie-cutting was the only success secret.

Do what works for you, what makes you the happiest!?

Of course, that has to be within reason. The moral of the story, all diets will work….as long as you can stick with it.


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So about me....where to start!?! I'm 32 years old and I work in radio. I am also a certified personal trainer and spin instructor. I fight for what I believe in, will do anything to help someone in need, I believe in paying it forward, I love to make others laugh while laughing at myself, and I just want to be inspired and inspire others. Is that good enough for now!? Don't be afraid to leave me a comment or two along my journey to becoming healthier. I'm going to need the support from time to time. Especially when I'm sore and in need of a nap! lol Catch me from 10am to 2pm on the Greatest Hits of All Time 104.3 CKWS FM ( And every Friday on Live@5, for the Dirt (

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