15 Inches Down

It’s been a few weeks since I have taken my measurements, but I thought I would give it a go today. I’m down 15 inches all over. I’m pretty stoked!!

Today’s workout almost made me want to quit about 15 minutes in. I would have quit if it wasn’t for my trainer, and at one point I might have cursed at him. ha ha…he did kind of deserve it. But I couldn’t have done it without him.

Today I realized that I miss doing circuit training. I haven’t done circuit training in over 3 years. Why!? Well the last time I did any kind of circuit, I was at Cross Fit. Which I absolutely LOVED. Why did I stop? I locked my back during Cross Fit one day. Boooooooo, I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.

Here was today’s workout

Circuit One
Chest Press- 40 pounds
Squat- 40 pounds
Jerk n’ Press- 40 pounds
Leg Lifts

Set one- 20 reps
Set Two- 20 reps, no break than 15 reps
Set Three- 20 reps, no break, 15 reps, no break, 10 reps

Circuit Two
Wall Squats w/ a ball (This was originally suppose to be TRX squats)
Battle Ropes
Oblique Exercise
Bent Over Back Row

Set one- 20 reps
Set Two- 20 reps, no break than 15 reps
Set Three- 20 reps, no break, 15 reps, no break, 10 reps

Regardless of how I felt during the workout, I am glad that I didn’t quit. Post workout, I felt amazing!! I felt even more amazing after taking an Epsom Salt bath. LOL

I had a member at the gym come up to me after my workout. He was impressed at how hard I was working this morning, and I’m not going to lie. It was nice that he noticed, it made me feel like I accomplished something today.

I feel awesome now, but let’s see how I feel tomorrow when I have to crawl everywhere. lol


About MoMonzie

So about me....where to start!?! I'm 32 years old and I work in radio. I am also a certified personal trainer and spin instructor. I fight for what I believe in, will do anything to help someone in need, I believe in paying it forward, I love to make others laugh while laughing at myself, and I just want to be inspired and inspire others. Is that good enough for now!? Don't be afraid to leave me a comment or two along my journey to becoming healthier. I'm going to need the support from time to time. Especially when I'm sore and in need of a nap! lol Catch me from 10am to 2pm on the Greatest Hits of All Time 104.3 CKWS FM (ckwsfm.com) And every Friday on Live@5, for the Dirt (ckws.com)

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  1. That workout seems killer! Congrats on loosing 15 inches! You must feel awesome.

    That’s great!!

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