Monthly Archives: December 2012

Stay on track this Holiday Season

It’s so easy to fall out of routine during the Holiday Season.  Been there, done that!  However, you can stay on track. 

Issue: No time to make it to the gym

Solution: You don’t have to be on a treadmill to to burn calories. If you can’t maintain your usual regimen now, take extra steps.  Walk more!!  Even if that’s taking an extra lap around the mall while shopping.  OR do a mini circuit at home.  Healthy Living


Issue: Stressed out!

Solution: Don’t be afraid to trim your to to list, or ask for help!  And don’t forget, you can say no.  People are a little more understanding than you think.

Issue: Overeating
Solution: Just don’t do it!  Be selective as to what you eat.  If you are going to have a drink, maybe skip the dessert. Reach for the healthier options first, and make sure you don’t skip a meal.