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Looking for a killer calorie burn? Give spinning a try!

Are you looking for a kick butt workout? Give spinning a try!!  It’s intense, great for your glutes and your legs!!  Here are a few reasons to give spinning a try.
1.They’re more fun than most classes. Well at least in my opinion!  I have no coordination, so a step class, or a kick boxing class are out for this gal!! I have always found spinning fun, high energy and a challenge!
2. Indoor cycling classes make you a better cyclist. If you like hitting the roads and paths in the nicer months of the year, indoor options can keep you trained.
3. People who spin are eage, and motiviated!! When others are working hard, it makes you want to work hard.
4. You have your own space!!  WOO HOO!!!  With indoor cycling, everyone has their own bike, and you never crash into your fellow cycler.

5. It a serious calorie burn!! The number of calories burned depends on your body weight, so let’s do some quick math. This is rough, but if you take your weight in pounds, and multiply that by 0.4, that’s how many calories you burn per hour just living. If you weigh 150 pounds you’ll burn 60 calories an hour on the couch. Trade that couch for a stationary bike and the numbers go way up. AND for moderate effort means you multiply those 60 calories by 7, for a total of 420 calories burned per hour. Go at a hard effort, and you can multiply it by 10, for a total burn of 600 calories per hour.  Remember this is based on a woman weighing a 150 pounds.
6. It can give you a great looking butt and legs.  And who wouldn’t like that? Think about it, when you’re going hard, mimicking hill training, it goes beyond aerobic training and makes the larger muscle fibers work, developing excellent muscle tone. Since you are focusing on your lower body, you might want to get some weight training in as well.

7. You’re not the only one sweating buckets, EVERYONE is!!

8. No one knows how hard you’re working.  So if you need to back off on the resistance you can.  You should never feel intimidated by the fit peeps in your class.  You will get there one day!  Everyone’s got to start somewhere and the joy of cycling is you work at your own pace! WARNING, make you that you don’t keep the tension so loose that your legs whip around too fast, that can cause injury! You need to decide how much you crank the bike tension based on what you feel you can

Happy spinning!


How to Avoid Snacking on Halloween Candy

Sometimes it can be hard to stay out of the Halloween candy.  I’m sure you don’t want to go back out to the store to buy more candy.  How can you avoid snacking on all the sugary treats!? Try some of the tips below.  And GOOD LUCK!  🙂

Buy candy you don’t love. If the candy in your pantry is stuff kids like but that you don’t enjoy, it will be easier to resist opening those bags and diving in. For most of us, that means anything but chocolate.

Out of sight, out of mind

Ask your co-workers to keep their candy jars and bowls inside their desks or stashed in a cabinet in the break room so you won’t be tempted every time you see it. If they want to keep candy on their desks, ask them to use a colored container with a lid so you can’t see inside

Savor one piece of your favorite candy a day

Decide what time of day you most relish the sweet stuff, and save your special treat for that time. Then sit back and slowly savor the taste sensation.

Chew gum

Sugarless gum gives your mouth a burst of sweet sensation for very few calories. “Studies have shown that gum chewing can also help [you] relieve stress, mentally focus on tasks, satisfy a sweet tooth, overcome the urge to eat candy, and help manage hunger pangs to hold you over until your next meal,” says Sandon.

Replace the candy with better choices

Make the see-food diet work in your favor by putting out a bowl of colorful fruit or veggies in place of the candy.

Move the candy jar

Chances are if you have to move for it, you won’t want it.

Count the empty wrappers

It’s so easy to pop fun-size candy bars into your mouth that you can lose track of how quickly the calories are adding up.

Take a walking break

Getting away from your desk for a breath of fresh air can invigorate you and help you get over the mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps that are often mistaken for hunger.

Manage your hunger

Eat breakfast before coming to work and plan for a few healthy snacks along with a satisfying lunch. Your preplanned meals with keep you feeling satisfied and make you less likely to raid the candy bowl.

Which is best to kick stress to the curb? Sleep or Exercise?

When life gets crazy, and your stress starts to rise what should you do?  Sleep it off?  Or get up and start moving!?

According to a recent study, exercising will melt that stress away!

It’s no secret that exercise has been associated with improved moods, stress reduction and it is sometimes prescribed as a natural treatment for depression and anxiety.  Science Daily suggests that working out will create a positive and sustained affect on a individual’s state of mind.

Going for a job, taking a spin class, walking, weight training, etc.. May actually help a person better cope with stress and anxiety in the hours, and even days, after they leave the gym.

The study also found that 30 minutes of physical activity would help a person stay cool and calm in a stressful situation, compared to the same amount of rest.

And I am sure there are many people out there that would agree with the study!  I know I do.

No time to Workout!? Try compound exercises!

When you’re in a rush, your workouts can be neglected.  Which is not ideal.  So what can you do in a short period of time? Try high intensity workouts, in a short period of time.  How!? Using compound exercises.

Compound exercises will help boost the efficiency of your workouts.  When you perform exercises that target multiple muscle groups, both the effectiveness and intensity are increased.  When you perform exercises that target multiple muscle groups, both the intensity and effectiveness of the workout are increased.

Need some examples!?
Upper Body Compound Exercises:

Pushups,  Standing Military Press,  Dips, Pullups/Chinups, Clean & Press, just to start

Lower Body Compound Exercises:

Deadlifts, Lunges, Squats, use a sled to push/pull, and give hip trusts a try

**Remember: Consult a doctor before starting a program/routine**

Take it Outside

Some people get turned off of working out, because they find it boring.  Well it doesn’t have to be! It’s time to shake things up and take the workout outside! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here is a simple workout you can do outdoors that will help you get in good shape.

  • Begin with bodyweight squats and perform 15 repetitions.
  • Immediately follow this with 10-15 push ups or as many as you can
  • Follow it up with 15 jump squats.
  • Do mountain climbers (as many as possible for one minute).
  • Perform burpees for one minute. (Or more mountain climbers! )
  • 10-15 Pull-ups (If you don’t have a bar available, skip this exercise)

Repeat 2 to 3 more times for a total of 3 to 4 sets. As it gets easier, add in more repetitions. Rest for one minute when you complete each cycle.

Remember: It is important to do this non stop from the first exercise all the way up to the last exercise.

Do this workout 2 or 3 times per week on nonconsecutive days. Allow at least one day’s rest.

Sounds easy enough!?! All you need is a water bottle, yourself and the great outdoors.  Remember to stay hydrated when you are working out, especially outdoors.


Recently I was offered a new job, in a brand new city.  EKKKK! So I packed up half of my life and headed out of town.  Why only half packed? Well the real big move won’t happen until September. But you can still imagine the stresses that come with starting a new job, in a new city.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  As long as I had my workouts to keep me sane, I was going to be fine.

Yesterday I worked out with my trainer before I hit the road.  I swear he had it in for me yesterday.  What an evil man!  LOL But it’s all good, I needed it.  I was chatting with a few friends before I left, and they asked me what I was going to do for my workouts. I told them I would use the hotel gym.  My friend Luanne gasped, laughed and then proceeded to tell me that it was going to suck. My response to her was, it can’t be that bad.

WELL….it sure is a nice hotel.  The workout room not so much!  LOL

It took me back to a time when I first started working out.  I was training at this little shady gym in Niagara Falls, where it was only $200 cash for a membership. No wait, they had newer equipment than what I experienced today.  Alright….maybe that sounds more dramatic than it really is.  🙂

Regardless, I was determined to get a workout in.  Which I totally did! I just stayed focused, I was there to get my sweat on and that’s what I did.

It’s all about making the best of the situation.

Now I can get started with my day.

Wish me luck, it feels like the first day of school for me.  🙂

P.S I’m going gym shopping this evening!  And I hate gym shopping!!  I rather be shopping for a formal dress, or shopping for jeans!


Breakfast is Served!

Do you skip breakfast? If you do….bad girl…or bad boy! How else are you going to kick start your day!? Like most people I can’t eat when I first wake up, however I do get a meal in within the first hour of my day. Remember, food=fuel!

Here is a A high protein breakfast sandwich made from 2 whole wheat bread slices, 4 strips of turkey bacon, and enough egg whites to substitute for 1 egg cooked over-easy.

*2 whole wheat bread slices
*4 strips turkey bacon
*egg whites
*cooking oil spray

1. Put 2 bread slices in toaster.
2. Begin cooking turkey bacon on flat skillet. Prepare egg whites over-easy at the same time on another skillet.
3. Put together in a sandwich and eat. Goes well with orange juice and cranberry juice mixed together, or a fruit on the side such as a nectarine.

Sound easy!? It is!

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood….now get outside!!

The weather around here has been an absolute delight! Has Spring already sprung? The days are getting longer and the sun is shining. It’s a great time to change up your workout, and take it outside.

Fitness and the fresh air go great together. I’m convinced that the colour green has a calming effect on the soul. AND not just that, but the scenery distracts you so you forget how hard you are working.

There are many advantages for exercising in the great outdoors, including increased Vitamin D (from sunshine), you don’t need any equipment, there is no commuting, plus you have the ability to exercise at any time. AND..there are no monthly fees!

Depending on your resources, there are a number of outdoor exercises that can improve muscle and cardiovascular fitness such as push-ups, pull-ups, jogging, squats, lunges, step ups, sprints, and walking. And there are perks to working out on uneven surfaces as well. (Such as hills, fields, and trails)

15 Inches Down

It’s been a few weeks since I have taken my measurements, but I thought I would give it a go today. I’m down 15 inches all over. I’m pretty stoked!!

Today’s workout almost made me want to quit about 15 minutes in. I would have quit if it wasn’t for my trainer, and at one point I might have cursed at him. ha ha…he did kind of deserve it. But I couldn’t have done it without him.

Today I realized that I miss doing circuit training. I haven’t done circuit training in over 3 years. Why!? Well the last time I did any kind of circuit, I was at Cross Fit. Which I absolutely LOVED. Why did I stop? I locked my back during Cross Fit one day. Boooooooo, I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.

Here was today’s workout

Circuit One
Chest Press- 40 pounds
Squat- 40 pounds
Jerk n’ Press- 40 pounds
Leg Lifts

Set one- 20 reps
Set Two- 20 reps, no break than 15 reps
Set Three- 20 reps, no break, 15 reps, no break, 10 reps

Circuit Two
Wall Squats w/ a ball (This was originally suppose to be TRX squats)
Battle Ropes
Oblique Exercise
Bent Over Back Row

Set one- 20 reps
Set Two- 20 reps, no break than 15 reps
Set Three- 20 reps, no break, 15 reps, no break, 10 reps

Regardless of how I felt during the workout, I am glad that I didn’t quit. Post workout, I felt amazing!! I felt even more amazing after taking an Epsom Salt bath. LOL

I had a member at the gym come up to me after my workout. He was impressed at how hard I was working this morning, and I’m not going to lie. It was nice that he noticed, it made me feel like I accomplished something today.

I feel awesome now, but let’s see how I feel tomorrow when I have to crawl everywhere. lol

To diet or to cut back!?

Have you ever tried to go on a “diet”? The word diet, is such an ugly word, and it can be a scary word for some people. et’s try this phrase, do you watch what you eat?

At one point or another I’m sure we have all carefully calculated fats, proteins and carbs. And we’ve tried different diets, in hopes of results.

According to a new study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is debunking most diet fads with a very simple conclusion: Calories count, but not where they come from. So what are they getting at!? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re restricting carbs, or cutting out sugar….as long as you’re cutting back on something. (Courtesy of

When they did the study, they looked at four diets: low-fat and higher-carbs; high-protein, low-fat, and higher-carbs; average-protein, high-fat and lower-carbs; or high-protein, high-fat and lower-carbs. Each diet had 750 fewer calories than the study’s subjects’ energy needs. So what did they find out? Researchers found that participants who stuck to their new eating plan lost weight. And following the calorie-cutting was the only success secret.

Do what works for you, what makes you the happiest!?

Of course, that has to be within reason. The moral of the story, all diets will work….as long as you can stick with it.